Chaga parazita kezelés

Chaga - Inonotus obliquus

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Give me liberty or give me death. Betty Értékelés: My newest Chaga eexprience:I purchased the Grain Mill attachment for my Kitchen Aid to grind my chaga into small bits. I found that the largest grinding setting works phenomenal.

Chaga parazita kezelés

I ended up taking a wooden spoon and pushing Chaga down until it was all fed through. I followed the measurements on this site and as soon as I put the chaga into the water it turns instantly dark. The flavor Chaga parazita kezelés so much richer than using the chunks as I tried the first time.

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  • És észrevette, hogy bár a szakirodalomban egyre több szó esik a rákról, az ő paraszt betegei közt ez a betegség nem fordul elő.

The cleanup took about the same amount of time it took to grind it and chaga loves to stain things brown when you wipe it with a wet cloth! You are truely the Fire Doctor. You blow my mind every time.

Chaga parazita kezelés

I think you should coin the phrase Bocandmatch. Is that German? Just being funny.

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Anyway we love what you are doing for our younger generation and adults as Chaga parazita kezelés. Keep up the good work.


I'm late to the party here, but thats ok. I see a lot of questions on prrtaeapion. As a crafter of Dual Extract Chaga, here are my recommendations after a lot of trial and error basically how i do it. I use Rum, which imparts a delicious flavor to the extract, and ideally grain alcohol should be used.

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Ratio of Chaga to alcohol by weight should be a minimum ofi use 8. How LONG to decoct is open to debate, and i have progressively lengthened my decoction time as i have learned. Initially i was only decocting for 6 hours, which provided a decent medicinal effect i am now decocting for 36 hours in a sealed environment at a bare simmer just bubbling and that seems to be the ticket.

Hope this helps. I have also created an informational website thats's everything Chaga.


It is my personal tribute to Chaga and has the story of what its done for me and many of my friends. Just go to the chaganation and start learning!!! I have complied tons of stuff from all around the web there. Adriane Értékelés: Biggest hugs and hand holds Jane. Your Pat sounds like a dream metohr-in-law and grandmother.

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You know someone is wonderful when they proclaim your kids their grandkids and that's that. She sounds like someone with a lot of love in her heart and spirit.

Getting older just sometimes plain Chaga parazita kezelés.

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You want to hold these special people here and not let them go. Lots of love and supporting vibes to you and Ty as you go through all the stages.

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